@inproceedings { NPB1864, title = {Management implications of modeling invasion by Allocasuarina huegeliana in kwongan heathland}, booktitle = {19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation}, year = {2012}, abstract = {

Biotic invasion is a recognized global issue that can lead to biodiversity and ecosystem function loss. It is caused by and interacts with a whole suite of other factors in environmental degradation: climate change, nutrient deposition, disturbance regime shifts, and others. The link between disturbance regime shifts and biotic invasion is particularly well developed in the literature. It is increasingly apparent that in systems where disturbance and invasion are interactively co-occurring, addressing one without addressing the other often leaves both problems not fully resolved. By manipulating the disturbance regime of interest, the disturbance-linked spread of an invasive species can often be controlled. However, the knowledge base necessary for the appropriate use of disturbance as a management tool is difficult to gain from historical, experimental, or observational studies. Therefore, we developed a simulation modeling approach to inform disturbance-based management of invasion.

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