@techreport { NPB1894, title = {Forecasting Spread for Rapid Response - Final Report}, year = {2012}, pages = {13}, abstract = {

This final report for project CRC 10124 - Forecasting Spread for Rapid Response - describes the original aims, objectives and rationale for the project, and how these aims and objectives have been met during the course of the project. The key findings of our research are summarised in this report and the reader is directed to relevant scientific publications for further details. In summary, we developed a characterisation system that can be used to quickly collect and synthesise relevant biological information about an Emergency Plant Pest (EPP) in the event of a new incursion and provide parameter values for simulation models.

}, author = {Michael Renton and David Savage and James Bennett and Art Diggle and Nancy Schellhorn and Nancy Shackelford and Fiona Evans and Jerome Chopard} }