0 Ramandeep Kaur Emily Daniels Manoj Nayak Paul Ebert David Schlipalius 2013 Determining changes in the distribution and abundance of a Rhyzopertha dominica phosphine resistance allele in farm grain storages using a DNA marker Pest Management Science 69 6 685–688 <p>The lesser grain borer, <em>Rhyzopertha dominica</em> (F.), is a highly destructive pest of stored grain that is strongly resistant to the fumigant phosphine (PH3). Phosphine resistance is due to genetic variants at the <em>rph2</em> locus that alter the function of the dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (DLD) gene. This discovery now enables direct detection of resistance variants at the <em>rph2</em> locus in field populations.</p>