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CEO focuses on re-bid


The last two weeks have been very focussed on developing our round 14 bid. Key to the development of the bid is addressing the feedback received after round 13.

At the beginning of this week the Participants Taskforce and the Science Taskforce both met to review the proposed program structure and themes within each program. The agreed program structure has now been circulated to all participants. I recommend that any interested researcher contacts their CRC rep to obtain a copy of the structure. The structure for this bid will be much simpler with just four programs. Education and training and delivery and adoption will occur within each of the four programs. The four programs are 'early warning', 'effective detection', 'response' and 'building the future'.

The taskforce also discussed the major challenge statement for the CRC. This is an essential part of the bid and must clearly articulate what the CRC will do. The draft major challenge is currently worded as 'To develop and deliver the knowledge and tools to support the community, governments and industry in safeguarding Australia’s plant industries and the environment from damaging pests and diseases'.

We continue to have strong committment from our participants which highlights the importance of maintaining the research capacity that the CRC represents.

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