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Grains industry to reap science benefits

Media Release: 26 June 2009

Dr YongLin RenWestern Australia's Department of Agriculture and Food recently appointed Dr YongLin Ren as Principal Scientist to provide leadership and management for its stored grain research team.

The Department's Director of Plant Biosecurity, Dr Shashi Sharma said Dr Ren was a very welcome addition to the biosecurity team.

"His appointment will contribute to improved productivity and profitability of Western Australia's grains industry, as well as providing effective management of biosecurity risks to the food supply chain by developing new risk mitigation options.

"Through a Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity initiative, YongLin will spend his first three years seconded to Murdoch University as an Associate Professor, while retaining essential links with DAFWA's plant biosecurity team," said Dr Sharma.

The CRC's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Simon McKirdy says Dr Ren's secondment to Murdoch University will play a key role in training the nation's next generation of plant biosecurity scientists.

"Through his role as Associate Professor at Murdoch University, YongLin's experience will contribute to the high-level training for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This is critical to ensure Australia has future capacity in plant biosecurity scientific research and subsequently helping to safeguard our grains industry," said Dr McKirdy.

Acknowledging the important role research and development plays in the grains industry, the CBH Group has congratulated Dr Ren on this appointment.

David Fienberg, Senior Operations Manager for the CBH Group said the grains industry relies heavily on science for developing solutions to the many challenges growers face with grain storage.

"This is a significant step in terms of capacity building and scientific research for the grains industry in Western Australia," he said.

"We are delighted to have a highly experienced scientist such as YongLin based locally, heading up what will be WA's first research and development facility dedicated to stored grain.

"YongLin Ren is renowned for his valuable work in developing chemical application solutions in his former role with the CSIRO Stored Grain Research Laboratory in Canberra - a grain research and development institution we have strongly supported for many years.

"Through his previous experience with CSIRO, YongLin has developed a well-respected reputation within the grains industry and we are delighted to have the opportunity to continue working closely with him in his role at Murdoch University and on his return to DAFWA."

Mr Fienberg said the appointment of experienced professionals like YongLin will ensure a level of excellence is upheld for grain research and development for many years to come.

Dr Ren completed his bachelor degree at the Faculty of Grain and Oil Storage in Henan Industrial University, China, and has also held appointments with China's Ministry of Commerce, and later become Director of the Division of Grain Storage and Insect Control. In the 1990s, YongLin completed his Masters and PhD of applied science in Canberra.

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