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Castalanelli M, Mikac K, Baker A, Munyard K, Grimm M, Groth D .  2009.  Re-evaluation of warehouse beetle traping program using molecular markers. CRCNPB 2009 Science Exchange. Abstract
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Byrne O, Szito A, Castalanelli M, Scanlon P, Grimm M .  2009.  Establishment of a national reference laboratory for Trogoderma diagnostics. Science Exchange 2009.
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Castalanelli M, Mikac M, Baker A, Munyard K, Grimm M, Groth M .  2009.  Re-evaluation of warehouse beetle trapping program using molecular markers. Abstract
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Castalanelli M, Severtson D, Brumley C, Szito A, Foottit R, Grimm M, Munyard K, Groth D .  2010.  A rapid non-destructive DNA extraction method for insects and other arthropods. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology. 13(3):243-248.
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Byrne O, Szito A, Scanlon P, Castalanelli M, Botha J, Grimm M .  2010.  National reference laboratory for Trogoderma. Australian Entomological Society’s 41st AGM and Scientific Conference .
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Byrne O, Szito A, Grimm M, Chami M, Botha J .  2011.  National Trapping program for Trogoderma and related Dermestids. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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Cunningham R, Botha J, Byrne O, Grimm M, Quader M, Szito A .  2012.  Recognising a wolf in sheep’s clothing: detecting Khapra beetle in Australia. Science Exchange 2012.
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