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Luck J, Finlay K, Aurambout JP, Hollaway G, Freeman A, Chakraborty Sukumar .  2008.  Understanding and adapting to agricultural pests and diseases in future climates. National Processing Tomato Growers Meeting.
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Finlay K, Aurambout JP, Azoulas J, Warner S, Wong F, O’Riley K, Hollaway G, Freeman A, O’Leary G .  2007.  The effects of climate change on the Biosecurity of Australian Primary Industries. DPI Climate Change Network Launch.
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MELLOY P, HOLLAWAY G, LUCK J, NORTON R, AITKEN E, CHAKRABORTY S .  2010.  Production and fitness of Fusarium pseudograminearum inoculum at elevated carbon dioxide in FACE. Global Change Biology. Abstract
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Luck J, Finlay K, Azoulas J, Warner S, Hollaway G, Aurambout JP .  2008.  Identifying the impacts of climate change on key pests and diseases of plant and animal industries. Greenhouse Sydney.
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Spackman M, Finlay K, Crnov R, Freeman A, Hollaway G, Powell K, Luck J .  2007.  Identifying priorities for pest and disease research in key Victorian grain and horticultural crops under elevated CO2. Recommendations for Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) Research. :122.
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Luck J, Hollaway G, Freeman A, Powell K, Chakraborty S .  2008.  Examining the effects of elevated CO2 on key pathogens of wheat. 9th International Congress of Plant Pathology. :106. Abstract
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Luck J, Hollaway G, Freeman A, Chakraborty S, Finlay K, Aurambout JP .  2008.  Climate change and Plant Biosecurity. The response of key wheat pathogens to elevated CO2. Elevated CO2 Workshop.
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G H, Luck J, Chakraborty S .  2007.  Crop protection in a changing climate. Australian Greenhouse Office Elevated CO2 Committee Meeting.
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Luck J, Powell K, Hollaway G, Freeman A, Spackman M, Chakraborty S .  2007.  Australian Grains FACE Array - Examining the effects of elevated CO2 on key wheat pathogens and vectors. GRDC National Integrated Pest Initiative.
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