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Tan M, Wright D .  2009.  Enhancing the detection of Tilletia indica, the cause of Karnal bunt - Final Report. Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity . :63. Abstract
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Conference Proceedings
Tan MK, Ghalayini A .  2008.  A 5-plex real-time PCR assay for quantitative detection and identification of Tilletia indica. 9th International Congress of Plant Pathology. 90 (S2):150. Abstract
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Conference Paper
Campbell P, Tan Y, Parmenter K, Callaghan B, Surwaski P, Geering A .  2011.  New recombinant antibodies for virus detection. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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Tan M, Ghalayini A, Wright D .  2007.  A 5-plex real-time qPCR assay for the quarantine detection and identification of Tilletia indica. CRC National Plant Biosecurity Science Exchange.
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Journal Article
Tan MK, Brennan J, Wright D, Murray G .  2010.  An enhanced protocol for the quarantine detection of Tilletia indica and economic comparison with its current standard. Australasian Plant Pathology . 39(4):334-342. Abstract
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Tan MK, Ghalayini A, Sharma I, Jianping Y, Shivas R, Priest M, Wright D .  2009.  A one tube fluorescent assay for the quarantine detection and identification of Tilletia indica and other grass bunts in wheat. Australasian Plant Pathology . 38:101-109.
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Tan MK, GMMurray .  2006.  A molecular protocol using quenched FRET probes for the quarantine surveillance of Tilletia indica, the causal agent of Karnal bunt of wheat. Mycological Research. 110:203-210.
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