@techreport { NPB1601, title = {Biosecure packaging for the Transport of Emergency Plant Pest samples - Final report}, year = {2010}, month = {10/2010}, pages = {26}, institution = {SARDI}, address = {Urrbrae SA}, abstract = {

This project (CRC40121) was developed from a recommendation of CRC40035 (Risk management processes for the movement of samples during an Emergency Plant Pest (EPP) incursion), to develop practical packaging standards to enable the safe, swift and legal transport of plant, soil and insect samples nationally and internationally. The recommendations resulting from this research will need to be endorsed by the various state and federal authorities in separate negotiations to further streamline the delivery of plant diagnostic samples by removing the requirement for movement certification.

The packaging recommendations and requirements were collated from surveys of over 30 government and private laboratories involved in the collection, diagnosis and transport of plant, insect and soil specimens.

}, author = {Pauline Glocke and Barbara Hall} }