%0 Journal Article %J Journal of Bacteriology %D 2011 %T Genome Sequence of an Erwinia amylovora Strain with Restricted Pathogenicity to Rubus Plants %A Powney, Rachel %A Smits, Theo %A Sawbridge, Tim %A Frey, Beatrice %A Blom, Jochen %A Frey, Jürg %A Plummer, Kim %A Beer, Steven %A Luck, Joanne %A Duffy, Brion %A Rodoni, Brendan %N 3 %P 785-786 %V 193 %X

Here, we present the genome of a strain of Erwinia amylovora, the fire blight pathogen, with pathogenicity restricted to Rubus spp. Comparative genomics of ATCC BAA-2158 with E. amylovora strains from non-Rubus hosts identified significant genetic differences but support the inclusion of this strain within the species E. amylovora.