10 Kelly Hill Bradley Stevenson Richard Glatz Alisha Anderson 2012 Biosensor based detection of grain pests - Final Report <p>The aim of this project was to develop a technology based on insect-derived olfactory receptors that is applicable to use as biological detectors of insects in stored grains. These detectors will be suitable for use as sensors in a highly sensitive biosensor device. Such devices will be the equivalent of a detector dog that can perform real time detection and identification of a wide range of volatile chemicals but in a cheap, robust and constantly available machine form and with added knowledge on the identity of the chemicals detected. We envision that such biosensors would be utilised by end-users in an integrated approach to management of storage pests, in order to develop treatment thresholds that maintain market access but minimise development of phosphine resistance.</p> <p>In the course of this project we have successfully identified and produced good candidates for the front end detectors of a biosensor device capable of detecting the stored grain pest <em>Tribolium castaneum</em> (Red flour beetle).</p>