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Whittle P, Barrett S, Jarrad F, Murray J, Mengersen K, Stoklosa R .  2009.  A method for statistical design of complex biosecurity surveillance systems. Abstract
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Whittle P, Barrett S, Mengersen K, Hardie D .  2007.  Surveillance design for the Gorgon gas project on Barrow Island: Confidence in the exclusion of terrestrial invertebrates. CRC National Plant Biosecurity Science Exchange.
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Whittle P, Mengersen K, Barrett S, Hardie D, Martin T, Majer Jonathan .  2007.  Gorgon surveillance design - statistical design to meet Ministerial condition and relevant design considerations. Chevron Australia.
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Shivas R, Barrett M, Barrett R, McTaggart A .  2009.  Tilletia micrairae. Persoonia . 22
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Whittle P, Barrett S, Mengersen K, Hardie D, Nietrzeba A, Stoklosa R, Majer J .  2008.  Design of Surveillance Program for Barrow Island for Exemplar Species: Coastal Brown Ant, Pheidole megacephala. Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd.,.
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Mengersen K, Whittle P, Barrett S, Hardie D .  2007.  Gorgon statistical requirements: Considerations for design of invasive species surveillance. Gorgon Project Surveillance Strategy Workshop.
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Jarrad F, Barrett S, Murray J, Parkes J, Stoklosa R, Mengersen K, Whittle P .  In Press.  Improved design method for biosecurity surveillance and early detection of nonindigenous rats. . New Zealand Journal of Ecology. (34)
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Jarrad F, Barrett S, Murray J, Stoklosa R, Whittle P, Mengersen K .  2010.  Ecological aspects of biosecurity surveillance design for the detection of multiple invasive animal species . Biological Invasions . Abstract
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Barrett S, Whittle P, Mengersen K, Stoklosa R .  2009.  Biosecurity threats: the design of surveillance systems, based on power and risk. Environmental and Ecological Statistics.
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