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The fight against feral disease

Global Biosecurity Media Relese: 21 December 2009

In a world where people, trade and goods are in constant transit – protecting Australia’s borders is vital to safeguarding the nation’s biosecurity.

But what about the potential threats that already exist within our borders? Australia is host to more than 50 invasive animal species, resulting in millions of feral animals roaming the country, providing a free ride for infectious diseases to spread and pose a threat to wildlife, livestock and humans.

Invasive Animals CRC Detection & Prevention coordinator and project leader, Dr Wendy Henderson, is helping to understand these potential risks and develop strategies to reduce the impact of invasive animals. She has just authored a review of disease agents found in feral animals in Australia, a hot topic which will be explored at the first international Global Biosecurity 2010 Conference in Brisbane. READ MORE

Registrations for the conference are now open. Visit

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