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Education and Training

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Education and training: Increased awareness, knowledge and skills levels of industry personnel, and supply of trained scientists.


The awareness, knowledge and skill of industry personnel, and supply of trained scientists involved in the supply chain and import/export pathways will be enhanced through education and training.

Indicators of success


New postgraduate scientists are supplied to the plant biosecurity community.


Short courses and workshops are delivered to plant biosecurity research staff and students and industry professionals.


Establishment of new university courses in plant biosecurity.

Education And Training Research Projects

CRC60047 - T: A National Postgraduate Curriculum for Plant BiosecurityDr Anthony Clarke

The traditional research disciplines underpinning plant biosecurity are the plant protection fields of entomology and plant pathology. However, plant biosecurity is more than just pathology and more

CRC60125: Grain Storage and Biosecurity Training

Stored grain is subject to major biosecurity problems which have the potential to significantly reduce the quality of the stored grain and to make it unsuitable for both domestic and international more


Dr Kirsty Bayliss
Program Leader Education and Training

Phone: 08 9360 2814
Fax: 08 9360 6303

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To undertake training of Honours and PhD candidates in plant biosecurity, to provide workshops and courses for people working in industry and the government sector, and to provide opportunities for research staff and students to enhance skills, develop industry awareness, and ensure that Australia has the highest quality plant biosecurity research community.