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CRC60097: Fusarium TR4 - PhD

This research project will increase our knowledge about the epidemiology and biology of the exotic plant pathogen Fusarium wilt of banana caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense ‘tropical' race 4 (Foc TR4)

What is the biosecurity problem?

The strain Foc TR4 is already present in Australia (Darwin). However, through quarantine measures the disease has not progressed further than the outer Darwin rural area. Once Foc TR4 is introduced to a new area, establishment and further spread is rapid. Much about how the disease spreads so effectively is unknown. As yet, there are no methods of eradication of this fungus from a banana plantation. Alternative strategies need to be developed and validated that meet control and containment goals while minimising economic and social impact. This is particularly important if Foc TR4 is detected in important banana growing regions of Australia, such as Queensland, which is responsible for 95% of the Australian banana industry.

The main outputs of this project are to:

  • increase in our knowledge of the epidemiology of Foc TR4
  • Further understand of the infection processes of Foc TR4
  • develop methods for containment and control of Foc TR4

Who will be the end-users of this research?

The potential end users of the knowledge acquired in this study includes people in the banana industry as well as people involved with Primary Industries.


Ms Rachel Meldrum
Student CRC60097: Fusarium TR4 - PhD
Phone: 08 8999 2247
Fax: 08 8999 2312

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Andrew Daly and Lucy Tran-Nguyen (DPIFM) and Elizabeth Aitken (UQ)
Supervising Institution
Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources, and The University of Queensland
February 2008 - February 2011