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CRC60111: Russian Wheat Aphid - PhD

This project examined the relationship among invasive Russian wheat aphid (RWA) lineages around the world. This information was then used to develop a pathway analysis of historical RWA invasions.

What is the biosecurity problem?

With increasing global trade there is a corresponding increase in the likelihood of RWA incursions from areas where this species is endemic, potentially increasing the biosecurity risk of this species to the Australian grains industry.

The main outputs of this project were to develop:

  • a greater understanding of the genetic basis of invasiveness in aphids
  • a pathway analysis of invasive RWA populations
  • skills in insect invasion biology/genetics, and
  • an improved biosecurity plan for the RWA.

Who are the end-users of your research?

The end users of the pathway analysis of invasive RWA populations are Biosecurity Australia, Plant Health Australia, and the Grains Research and Development Corporation. Research on insect invasion biology is provided to the international research community via publications in high impact science journals.

Bo Zhang

Bo Zhang sampling in Xinjiang, Western China


Ms Bo Zhang
Student CRC60111: Russian Wheat Aphid - PhD

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Dr Owain Edwards (CSRIO), Dr Susan Fuller (QUT) and Dr Le Kang (Chinese Academy of Science)
Supervising Institution
Queensland University of Technology
January 2009 - January 2012