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The Leaflet December 2011

simon says...

As everyone is now aware we were successful with our bid and it is a very welcome Christmas present for everyone. This is a great outcome and is a result of the significant effort made by everyone in the CRC over the past six years.

Now we have less than six months to prepare the documentation and submit signed agreements to DIISRT. This will ensure we are up and running as the Plant Biosecurity CRC on 1 July 2012. Timelines and the first drafts have recently been forwarded to all Participant representatives.

Myself and Nick will be visiting all participants in the next few months to finalise the documentation. At the same time our Science Committee, led by Bill Roberts, will commence the process of pulling together the research programme. We will communicate the details of the process for developing the research programme in the new year. Through the four research programmes the CRC will continue to undertake world leading plant biosecurity research that is of benefit to Australia.

Being successful in a CRC round has become an increasingly more difficult process as the level of competition has increased and available funds have decreased. We would not have achieved the success this year without the help of many people. Again I thank everyone who contributed to the achievement.

Our PhDs continue to progress and Alex Rea recently submitted his thesis. A very promising statistic is that of the 10 that have currently completed their PhDs, nine are still active in biosecurity.

Our 2012 Science Exchange will be a great event as we celebrate the success of the CRCNPB and look to the future through the PBCRC. It is hoped that we will have a good mix of researchers, regulators and industry at the Science Exchange so I encourage everyone to submit their registrations as early as possible. If you have somehow missed the mail outs please contact Max or Andrew.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone in the CRC family. I look forward to catching up with you in 2012.

Dr Simon McKirdy
Chief Executive Officer








in this issue...

From the arm of the chair

Professor John Lovett has Christmas on his mind and believes the CRC has every reason to be jolly this festive season.  

RMN wins the inaugural Innovation Award

The Remote Microscope Network has received another award, winning the inaugural Australian Innovation Challenge Award. Read more here

UAVs take centre stage at innovation showcase

The CRCNPB recently displayed a UAV at the Innovation in Australia showcase in Brisbane. Find out about the display here.

Principal Scientist wins Howard Medal

Congratulations to the CRCNPB’s Principal Scientist, Dr James Ridsdill-Smith, for winning the Howard Medal. Read more about the award here. 

CRCNPB staff team building 

CRCNPB staff members took part in two days on team building in November. Find out the whacky things that went on.

Minister change for innovation 

The Hon Kim Carr is no longer the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. He says thanks to all those he has worked with here

 other news...

Another CRCNPB baby has entered the world. Find out who the mother is here.

Since joining the CRCNPB, Max Knobel has spent most of her time focussed on rebids. However with the rebid over, she now has more time to focus on her role as Communications Manager. Discover how she spends her time away from the office here.

Enrolments for the 2012 Grain Storage and Biosecurity Training Program are now open. Find out more in the Education and Training update.

CRCNPB team building brought on some interesting photo opportunities, which feature along with the previous winner in this edition of the newsletter.

The Board and staff from the CRCNPB would like to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season.

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