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The Leaflet September 2011

simon says...

The office and Science Taskforce are working feverishly this week to complete the four exemplar projects which will be submitted on 15 September. This flurry of activity has occurred following the great news last week that we have made it to the next stage of the CRC selection round.

Following the submission of the four exemplars we will start the preparation of a presentation to be presented at our interview. We need to submit an exemplar for each of our programs and the projects are focussed on severe weather events, bacterial diagnostics, non chemical insect protection and engagement of communities.

The projects will provide a strong representation of our CRC and all have a ‘wow’ factor that should assist us in getting the right answer in December.

The interview will occur between 7 and 9 November and follow the same structure as last year, 30 minutes to present followed by 90 minutes of questions from the panel.

As expected the competition has been great and only 10 of the 26 applicants received have made it to the next stage. In the agriculture sector there were five bids submitted but only two of us made it through. Invasive Animals CRC is the other agriculture sector bid to have made it to interview.

Based on the information we have it is anticipated that up to five CRCs will be successful. Again I thank everyone who has contributed to the bid to date as every bit of this input has been necessary to get us to this point.

The CRC has had a change of Program Leader in the past month with Dr Paul De Barro stepping down from the Program 1 leadership role. Paul has taken on new responsibilities at CSIRO and it was no longer possible for him to commit the required time to the CRC. Paul was with the CRC from the start of the bidding process back in 2004 and he has made significant contributions to the CRC over its life. I thank Paul for his considerable contribution over this time and wish him all the best in the future. He will continue to be involved with the CRC through his new role and we look forward to his continuing contribution to our success.

To replace Paul, I welcome Dr Rieks van Klinken from CSIRO. Rieks has already become involved in the development of the bid and will be a valuable addition to our CRC. Over the next few months Rieks will have the opportunity to meet the project teams in Program 1.

Submission of PhDs continues with another two submitted in recent months. Kylie Ireland and Steve Coventry have both submitted their theses and you can read more about them in this edition of The Leaflet. I congratulate both of them on this achievement and from the news I am given we expect there will be several others between now and the end of the year.

I would also like to remind everyone that registrations for the 2012 Science Exchange will open soon and I encourage everyone to register early so we can advance the planning.

Till October, 

Dr Simon McKirdy
Chief Executive Officer

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And the winner is....

Congratulations to Giles West, who has won a bottle of wine (from the Swan Valley - venue for the 2012 Science Exchange) for the caption he entered in the competition in the last edition of The Leaflet. To read the winning quote or to enter this edition’s competition, click here.

CRCNPB display on show to Minister

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