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CRC40006: Russian Wheat Aphid

This project will improve the level of preparedness for, and the sustainable resistance to, the Russian wheat aphid. it will also assist Australia's grain industry to remain free of Russian wheat aphids.

What is the biosecurity problem?

Russian wheat aphid has invaded all major wheat growing regions of the world except Australia. To ensure that Australia's breeding strategy has the capacity to provide resistant wheat lines, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms underlying virulence.

The main output of this project is to:

  • improve level of preparedness for Russian wheat aphid incursions into Australia, and 
  • develop a strategy for Australian wheat breeders to achieve sustainable and stable resistance to Russian wheat aphid, reducing the need for insecticides.

Who will be the end-users of this research?

The project will determine what level of risk is posed by genetic changes in the Russian wheat aphid. Results will be discussed with the Australian grains industry. The focus with industry will be to help create an understanding of the risk posed by the Russian wheat aphid, particularly in relation to their breeding program. This will benefit the wheat industry's level of preparedness and ensure that its principal strategy of resistant varieties remains viable.


Dr Owain Edwards
Project Leader CRC40006: Russian Wheat Aphid
Phone: 08 9333 6401
Fax: 08 9333 6646

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August 2006 - September 2012
$373,800 (cash and in-kind support)