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CRC70096: Grain Knowledge Networks

This project aimed to develop an effective knowledge exchange strategy for the grains industry to improve its phosphine insect resistance management outcomes through identification of the methods in which information is delivered and exchanged through the grains supply chain.

Research outcomes

  • Identification and evaluation of the networks that exist within the grains industry for the delivery and exchange of information relating to improved grain storage practices and limiting the development of phosphine resistance in insects of stored grain.
  • Establishment of mechanisms to deliver this information through co-funding of Grains Biosecurity Officers.
  • Identification of economic factors that influence phosphine resistance management practices.

Research implications 

Better methods for exchange of information will raise awareness of the issue of phosphine resistance and commence a gradual improvement in practice amongst all parts of the grains supply chain. 


PHA wishes to acknowledge the Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity (CRCNPB) for supporting this project.

PHA also acknowledges the contribution of the Bureau of Rural Sciences who were contracted by PHA to undertake the ‘Social networks for phosphine resistance management in the stored grains industry’ survey, the Grains Biosecurity Officers in each state who implemented the management practices and to all stakeholders involved in the consultation process and who contributed to this project.


Dr Sharyn Taylor
Project Leader CRC70096: Grain Knowledge Networks
Phone: 02 6215 7700
Fax: 02 6260 4321

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September 2008 – September 2010
$580,000 (cash and in-kind support)