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CRC60128: Modelling Grain Borer - PhD

This project will use individual-based modelling to investigate how genetic, biological, ecological and management factors interact to affect the evolution of resistance to the grain fumigant phosphine in the stored-grain pest, the lesser grain borer. This information will help identify optimal management strategies for delaying or avoiding the evolution of resistance.

What is the biosecurity problem?

The evolution of resistance to phosphine in the lesser grain borer.

The main output of this project is to:

  • create simulation and statistical models of the population dynamics of Rhyzopertha dominica (lesser grain borer) that will incorporate evolution of resistance to phosphine. These models will be used to evaluate monitoring strategies and management programs to avoid, delay or minimise the evolution of resistance.

Who will be the end-users of this research?

Scientific researchers and agriculture biosecurity policy makers. Public and private extension officers, agronomists and farmers will be indirect end-users through resulting recommendations.


Dr Mingren Shi
Student CRC60128: Modelling Grain Borer - PhD
Phone: 08 6488 1992

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Dr Michael Renton (UWA), Mr Robert Emery (DAFWA), Professor James Ridsdill-Smith (UWA/CRCNPB) and (Associate Professor Yonglin Ren (Murdoch/CRCNPB)
Supervising Institution
University of Western Australia
April 2009 - April 2012