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CRC60157: Biosecurity Policy - PhD

This project will explore the role of local knowledge in the development and implementation of policy and related regulatory frameworks for biosecurity, including associated environmental risks.

What is the biosecurity problem?

In the context of existing international and national policy affecting biosecurity, the research sets out to examine the specific effectiveness and subsequent implications of the policy condition in Indonesia. 

The main outputs of this project are to analyse existing?

  • biosecurity-related policies internationally, and in Indonesia, with a view to identifying optimum policy contexts at all levels of governance, and
  • regional and community development paradigms to establish how optimum policy can be developed, which will work with local knowledge.

Who will be the end-users of your research?

These outcomes of this project will benefit the government and local communities. It will also improve the mode and style of their interactions in order to enhance the role of local knowledge in policy making and the operation of government structures.


Mr Theo Litaay
Student CRC60157: Biosecurity Policy - PhD

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Professor Ian Falk (Charles Darwin University)
Supervising Institution
Charles Darwin University
August 2009 – August 2011