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Plant Industry Biosecurity Communications Toolkit

Publication Type  Report
Year of Publication  2008
Authors  McGrath, J.; Dawson, D.; Thoms, K.
Prepared for  Cooperative Research Centrer for National Plant Biosecurity
Pages  17
Date  09/2008

Plant Health Australia (PHA) and the Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity (CRCNPB) have identified that a robust and viable communications framework spanning plant industries and the general community is essential to manage plant pest or disease incursion risks and control measures.

This Toolkit is a part of a larger industry-driven project to develop a national plant health communications strategy framework to help enhance biosecurity awareness and behaviours across Australia’s plant industries and growers.

The project has included an extensive review of previous agricultural biosecurity communications campaigns to identify the critical components of effective strategies. The strategies reviewed provide information on communicating biosecurity messages and reaching different audience segments, including Indigenous and culturally diverse growers. A copy of this review is available from PHA.

This Toolkit details effective communications tactics and a framework to inform the construction and implementation of communications activities. It is available to industry organisations to assist in the creation or conduct of communications activities to help mitigate biosecurity risks and therefore meet some of industries’ obligations under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed.

This project has been managed for the CRCNPB by PHA with assistance from the Queensland and Western Australian Governments.

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Plant Industry Biosecurity Communications Toolkit

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