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Reynolds M, Adeva JJG .  2012.  Surveillance Simulation Platform - Final Report.
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Lindhout K, Poogoda S, Reynolds OL, Spohr LJ, Harris A, Dalton SP, Jessup AJ .  2011.  “Alluring appeal” – evaluation and development of female fruit fly lures for improved market access. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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Lindhout K, Dalton SP, Jessup AJ, Reynolds O, Spohr LJ, Harris A, De Lima CPF, Poogoda S .  2011.  Developing female lures for improved market access - Final Report. Abstract
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Garcia-Adeva JJ, Botha J, Reynolds M .  2012.  A simulation modelling approach to forecast establishment and spread of Bactrocera fruit flies. Ecological Modelling. Abstract
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Garcia-Adeva JJ, Reynolds M .  2012.  Web-based simulation of fruit fly to support biosecurity decision-making. Ecological Informatics. Abstract
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Garcia-Adeva JJ, Sousa-Majer MJD, Botha JH, Hardie DC, Reynolds M .  2011.  A simulation technology approach to Bactrocera spp: lessons from a past incursion for improving future responses. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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De Lima F, Poogoda S, Smallridge C, Caldwell A, Reynolds O, van der Rijt V, Clark S, Orchard B .  2011.  Trapping to prove area freedom (Fruit fly trapping project) - Final Report. :207. Abstract
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De Lima F, Reynolds O, Poogoda S, Smallridge C, Madge D, Mo J .  2009.  Trapping to prove area freedom. Abstract
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