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PDA workshop in Perth

Purpose for travel:

Attend Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) workshop in Perth to contribute to the workshop outcomes, develop networks and discussed potential future project collaborations.  In addition I presented examples of PDA's used for agricultural research within DPI&F and provide input and technical advice to advance the use of PDAs in the CRC.

How this trip advanced/benefited the applicant's career:

By presenting previous applications of PDAs, the other workshop participants gained a better understanding of my technical knowledge and professional capacity for future potential involvement in CRC projects.

Through project discussions and interactions I developed networks and discussed potential project collaborations with CRC personnel.

The outcomes/benefits for the Australian plant biosecurity system:

A good understanding of the requirements of PDAs within the CRC, for example:

  • expert systems for pest identification
  • GPS location, guidance and vehicle tracking
  • automatic data entry and wireless monitoring e.g. use of Bluetooth, barcodes etc.
  • form/database with minimal key strokes for data entry.
  • a mobile platform to rapidly aquire field data.
  • develop a bigger PDA Plant Biosecurity project

Analysis of likely opportunities/long-term collaborations for the CRCNPB:

Presentation by Ernestos Kostas highlighted issues with monitoring and reporting (in particular phosphine level monitoring over time), travel costs etc. 

Antonio Robles talked of Smart traps and trapping grids and utilising embedded systems.

Greg Hopkins reiterated Ernestos's concerns and also spoke of grain inspection and sampling procedures.

We discussed my current MLA funded project on Remote Management Technologies and the possibility of remote monitoring of phosphine levels using a telemetry system.  We are considering a project proposal for remote monitoring and to develop and test a system to automate Greg's current grain monitoring procedures e.g. insects, temperature and moisture for grain silos.


When: August 2008
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Les Zeller from Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries recently attended a PDA workshop in Perth to provide input and technical advice to advance the use of PDAs in the CRC.