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CRC40136: Insect Eradication (Phase two)

As part of phase two of our Insect Eradication project this research further refines the recommended techniques used against moth pests culminating in field verification trials against Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) in urban and orchard areas.

The aim of the project was to investigate the integration of innovative eradication technologies against LBAM as a model for the development of eradication strategies against other exotic moth pests. The main objective was the integration of the sterile insect technique and mating disruption using novel pheromone distribution technologies such as mobile mating disruption and SPLATTM (Specialized Pheromone and Lure Application Technology) in urban areas and vineyards.

Research outcomes:

Identification of irradiation dose for SIT, development and testing of mobile mating disruption, development and testing of SPLATTM in SA, NZ and WA, testing of integrated eradication in the field (SPLATTM + insecticide) and urban environment (SPLATTM +SIT), analysis of past eradications in Australia.

Transfer of technologies such as SPLATTM for eradication of pests from other insect orders needs to be investigated. Improvement in eradication efficiency through the development of mechanised application technology and improved formulation is highly likely with further input. Further research is required to develop softer eradication technologies for use in urban areas that can be integrated with pheromones.

Research implications:

New pheromone delivery technologies such as SPLATTM have the potential to become an important component of integrated eradication strategies in the future. 


The support of Jane Moran and David Eagling for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project is acknowledged.


Mr Bill Woods
Project Leader CRC40136: Insect Eradication (Phase two)
Phone: 08 9368 3962
Fax: 08 9368 3195

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April 2009 – April 2012
$1.1 million (cash and in-kind support)