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CRC30015: Hyperspectral Pathogen Detection

The project will provide improved surveillance tools for rapid, widespread detection of plant pathogens in crops and native vegetation by producing a library of unique spectral signatures that identify specific foliar emergency plant pest pathogens, and detection hardware. Off-the-shelf digital still and video cameras will be re-formatted for a specific pathogen signature, allowing surveillance staff to undertake field assessment with this visual aid. In time, this type of assessment could become the main tool to aid in the declaration of area freedom for emergency plant pest pathogens.

What is the biosecurity problem?

Current ground surveillance by trained staff for emergency plant pest pathogens is inefficient and time-consuming. As a result, this project is the first step in developing hyperspectral camera technology that detects specific signatures in plant leaves for a large number of species.

The main output of this project is to:

  • assess the potential of hyperspectral imaging to detect plant pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and phytoplasmas), and
  • analyse the cost-benefits of hyperspectral imaging for widespread surveillance of plant pathogens.

Who will be the end-users of this research?

Federal and state agencies involved in on-ground surveillance indicate strong interest in imaging technology for plant pathogen surveillance.


Ms Alison Mackie
Project Leader CRC30015: Hyperspectral Pathogen Detection
Phone: 08 9956 3327
Fax: 08 9941 8334

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November 2006 – November 2008
$668,100 (cash and in-kind support)