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Ms Alison Mackie has been employed by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) since 1999 and has worked on a number of projects in the plant pathology section, including culture collection, diagnostics, surveillance and horticulture pathology.

In Carnarvon, Alison was involved in a number of projects including, Postharvest Diseases of Mangoes, Mango Apical Necrosis, PSTVd surveys and eradication programs and CRC30015 Hyperspectral Plant Pathogen Detection.

Before moving to Carnarvon, Alison had a variety of roles at DAFWA including, the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service plant pathologist for Western Australia, plant pathologist for exotic plant disease surveillance and incursion management, post entry quarantine disease screening, plant pathology input to the HortGuard and GrainGuard initiatives, and Maintenance of exotic plant pathogen diagnostic capabilities in Western Australia.

Alison was awarded a scholarship from Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry in 2005 to study apple brown rot diseases at CSL in the UK.