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CRC60156: New Nematodes

This project will develop a model for the assessment of biosecurity and quarantine threats of plant parasitic nematodes. It will also determine appropriate techniques for nematode identification, including traditional, molecular and remote diagnostic tools suitable for quarantine purposes.
Finally the project will evaluate the risk assessment model by testing results against reference data.

What is the biosecurity problem?

Plant parasitic nematodes cause documented losses of over AU$600 million annually to Australian agriculture industry. Australia is fortunate in lacking many of the known damaging species of nematodes, but with increasing volumes and sources of traded goods there is increased risk of these species gaining entry to Australia. In addition, newly-described and poorly-known nematode species have recently emerged as pests.

A comprehensive system of risk identification for plant parasitic nematodes is needed to direct development of risk mitigation, detection and diagnostic measures.

The main outputs of the project are to:

  • assess the risk of invasive nematodes to Australia, and develop a standard methodology for this risk assessment.

Who will be the end-users of your research?

Biosecurity agencies, scientific researchers, horticultural industry.


Mr. Sunil Singh
Student CRC60156: New Nematodes
Phone: 0262464417

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Dr Mike Hodda (CSIRO) and Associate Professor Gavin Ash (Charles Sturt University)
Supervising Institution
Charles Sturt University
September 2009 – September 2012