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Cook D, Liu S, Aurambout J, Villalta O, Kriticos D, Edwards J, Diggle A, Siddique A, Hurley M, Lowell K .  2012.  Communicating Uncertainty in Biosecurity Adaption - Final Report. Abstract
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Cook D, Liu S, Kriticos D, Lowell K, Diggle A .  2011.  The CUBAn Crisis: The story of how prophet can triumph over evil. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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Liu S, Hurley M, Lowell K, Siddique A, Diggle A, Cook D .  2011.  An integrated decision-support approach in prioritizing risks of non-indigenous species in the face of high uncertainty. Ecological Economics. 70:1924-1930. Abstract
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Cook D, Hurley M, Liu S, Siddique A, Lowell K, Diggle A .  2010.  Enhanced Risk Analysis Tools - Final Report . Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity . :479.
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Cook D, Liu S, Diggle A, Lowell K, Hurley M, Kriticos D .  2010.  The Use of Spatial Models and Visual Interfaces in Invasive Plant Pest Risk Analysis and Decision-Making .
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Cook D, Liu S, Hurley M, Siddique A, Lowell K, Diggle A, Paini D, De Barro P .  2009.  ERATication: The fable of the farmer, the demon and the prophet. Abstract
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Cook D, Liu S, Siddique AB, Diggle A, Lowell K, Hurley M .  2007.  Predicting the Potential Impact of Exotic Threats to Australian Horticulture (Discussion Paper). :51.
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