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Garcia-Adeva JJ, Sousa-Majer MJD, Botha JH, Hardie DC, Reynolds M .  2011.  A simulation technology approach to Bactrocera spp: lessons from a past incursion for improving future responses. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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Mangano P, Hardie D, Speijers J, Johnston R, de Sousa-Majer MJ, Maynard G .  2011.  The Capacity of Groups within the Community to Carry out Plant Pest Surveillance Detection. The Open Entomology Journal. 5:15-23. Abstract
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Davidovitch L, Stoklosa R, Majer J, Nietrzeba A, Whittle P, Mengersen K, Ben-Haim Y .  2009.  Info-Gap theory and robust design of surveillance for invasive species: The case study of Barrow Island. Journal of Environmental Management.
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Sousa-Majer M, Emery R, Szito A, Botha J, Hardie D, Chami M, Hanbury C, Garcia-Adeva JJ, Milne G .  2009.  Modelling establishment and spread potential of Trogoderma granarium Everts: Australian concerns for a surveillance program. Resistance Pest Management Newsletter .
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Whittle P, Barrett S, Mengersen K, Hardie D, Nietrzeba A, Stoklosa R, Majer J .  2008.  Design of Surveillance Program for Barrow Island for Exemplar Species: Coastal Brown Ant, Pheidole megacephala. Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd.,.
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Whittle P, Mengersen K, Barrett S, Hardie D, Martin T, Majer Jonathan .  2007.  Gorgon surveillance design - statistical design to meet Ministerial condition and relevant design considerations. Chevron Australia.
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