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2011 International Symposium on Grain Information technology (ISGIT2011)

YongLin Ren found the trip to China useful to share innovative results generated from the platform of grain storage and transportation digitalisation, such as collaboration with China, Japan and Canada on:

  • grain quality evaluation and management system
  • the use of smartphone can improve auditing, validation, chain of evidence and can increase the volume of data collected as well as its integrity through relational databases and seamless data transfer to corporate system
  • current research on the application of simulation technology in grain storage, and
  • insect oriented image and audio recognition and identification technology.

All of these R&D areas are innovative and have great potential for use of the internet, smartphone, digitalisation simulation, digitalisation image and audio technology in a new grain storage system, which will assist to establish a new modern and high efficient grain industry biosecurity system.

YongLin was joined by CRCNPB CEO Dr Simon McKirdy, Dr Shashi Sharma (director of plant biosecurity, DAFWA) and Rob Emery (Senior Entomology, DAFWA and Chinese visiting professor) on the trip in which they visited the Chinese Academy of Grain Science (CAGS) and Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ) in Beijing.

The CRC and Chinese Academy of Grain Science have signed a collaborative agreement to work together in the future, and the Chinese Department of Inspection and Quarantine was planning to organise a senior delegation to visit Australia to sign a collaborative agreement as well.

During the visit to CAIQ, the delegation was also invited to visit the headquarters of the Chinese Quarantine Department and meet with Dr Wu Jinsheng, Director General of Science and Technology.

The delegation also spent two days visiting Northwest Agricultural and Forest University in Yangling. This university is the top Chinese agricultural and forest related central government funded university. The vice president, Professor Zhuo Zhong, met with the delegation. Prof. Zhuo would like to establish a long term relationship with the CRC and he hosted a dinner for the delegation. Finally, Prof. Zhuo decided to visit Australia during CRC 2012 Science Exchange to sign an agreement with CRC in Australia.


When: 9-15 October 2011
Location: Beijing and Yangling, China

YongLin Ren and Rob Emery travelled to China from 9-15 October 2011 to attend the 2011 International Symposium on Grain Information technology.