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Dr Kirsty Bayliss is the CRCNPB Program Leader for Education and Training. She is a plant pathologist and has worked on plant diseases affecting many crops including pastures, legumes, and oilseeds as well as native ecosystems and plantations. Dr Bayliss has also worked in plant tissue culture and plant breeding, specifically in the production of doubled haploids and molecular marker-assisted breeding.

In her current role Kirsty is responsible for coordinating the PhD training program within the CRCNPB. She also develops various workshops and training days for staff and students working in plant biosecurity, and oversees the running of a successful school education program. Dr Bayliss is also a member of the international QUADs education program, aimed at developing international standards for teaching biosecurity.

Based at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, Kirsty lectures in plant pathology and plant biotechnology and is the Academic Chair for the new degree program in plant biosecurity which commenced in 2010.