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Dr Mark Sosnowski is a Research Scientist with South Australian Research and Development Institution (SARDI). After graduating with a B. Ag. Sc. from the University of Adelaide, he commenced working for SARDI in 1997 and went on to complete a PhD in 2002, studying the epidemiology and management of blackleg disease of canola at the Uni of Adelaide.


Since 2003, Dr Sosnowski has been responsible for research on managing eutypa dieback disease in grapevines at SARDI as part of the CRC for Viticulture and remains responsible for supervision of current Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation (GWRDC) funded research of eutypa dieback. Currently managing a national CRCNPB project aiming to optimise eradication strategies for exotic plant pathogen incursions on perennial crops, Dr Sosnowski is concentrating his own research on the eradication of grapevine pathogens.