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Ruth Wallace is the Director of the Social Partnerships in Learning Research Consortium at Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Northern Territory. The consortium was established in 2007 to support and research the interagency and interdisciplinary relationships that enable effective learning in different disciplines, workplaces and training sites.


Ruth’s particular interests are in research that improves outcomes for Indigenous people, policy and government stakeholders in regional and remote Australia. Ruth’s research focus is in vocational education and training (VET) practice and workforce development in regional and remote contexts. She has extensive experience in innovative delivery of VET programs in regional and remote areas across Northern Australia.


Ruth has undertaken research into flexible learning, engaged learning and developing effective pedagogy, materials and assessment for marginalised students. In particular, this work explores approaches that focus on recognising marginalised learners’ strengths and developing systems that connect to and value learners’ diverse knowledge systems. Her research examines the links between identity and adult’s involvement in post-compulsory schooling and development of effective pathways through flexible learning and recognition of diverse knowledge systems.


Ruth lives and works in Darwin in the Northern Territory.