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The Leaflet February 2009

Simon says...

Dr Simon McKirdy

Welcome to 2009's first edition of The Leaflet.


The year ahead will be exciting and challenging for all those involved in the CRC's research programs. In our fourth year of operations, our activities will focus on delivering research outputs to Australia's plant industries.


To start the ball rolling, the Plant Biosecurity Toolbox and Biosecurity Bank were successfully launched on Thursday 12 February by Australia's Chief Plant Protection Officer, Lois Ransom. For me personally, it was rewarding to see both projects reach this stage; a reflection of the collaborative effort and dedication of the project teams.


Both tools will be fundamental, not only to Australia's plant biosecurity capacity, but also globally. I would like to congratulate both project teams (led by Dr Gary Kong and Dr Andrew Geering from Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries) on the passion and commitment they demonstrated throughout the term of the projects. You can read more about the launch in this edition of The Leaflet.


Following the successful Science Exchange in 2007, the CRC is starting to plan a similar event for Participants and researchers in the second half of 2009. The meeting will provide all members with the opportunity to share ideas, discuss research and network with each other and industry.


The CRC's Climate Change Project Leader, Dr Jo Luck has been successful in a submission to attend ‘Science meets Parliament' in March. Jo will be presenting in the category ‘Adapting agriculture to climate change' and will talk about her research into the effects of temperature changes on the biology and distribution of plant pests, diseases and vectors in the grains industry. This is a great opportunity for Jo and the CRC, and we look forward to sharing her experience with you in the next edition of The Leaflet.


As February draws to a close, we hope to see the conclusion of a long and hot summer. Australia has experienced the worst of its summer with flooding in the north, and devastating bushfires that continue to wreak havoc across Victoria.


Sadly, a few members of the CRC have suffered loss in this catastrophic tragedy, bringing the devastation close to home for all of us. On behalf of the CRC, I offer sympathy to everyone whose lives have changed forever as a result of the bushfires.



Simon McKirdy signature

Simon McKirdy
Chief Executive Officer
CRC for National Plant Biosecurity

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