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The Leaflet June 2009

Simon says...

Dr Simon McKirdyToday marks the end of the financial year. As organisations and individuals scramble to get their finances in order for the tax office, others are rushing off to one of the many ‘End of Financial Year' sales. The CRC, with its partnering organisations, have also jumped on the ‘sale' bandwagon by offering a pre-program registration fee for the international conference Global Biosecurity 2010: safeguarding agriculture and the environment. You can save over $300 on the cost of a full-registration by registering before the final program is published. It's also timely to remind our readers that conference abstract submissions close on 31 July. Details on abstract submission and registration can be found on the conference website The CRC is encouraging people involved in its research activities to apply for a travel scholarship to attend the Global Biosecurity 2010 conference. I recommend anyone interested in this opportunity to submit their application so it can be considered before the end of July.

Planning for the CRC's 2009 Science Exchange is also well underway. Being held in September, the program will provide opportunities for project teams to highlight their research through presentations and/or posters. A hands-on exhibition is also being organised to give attendees the chance to try some of the tangible products delivered from our portfolio. The Science Exchange will also provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration among researchers, staff, students, the Board and our Participants Committee.

As the CRC enters the new financial year, there will be a strong focus on our re-bid for another term of funding from government. During the past month, our Participants Committee met to discuss the strategic direction of each organisation and their alignment with the CRC and its possible second-term. Out of our 23 Participant organisations, it was pleasing to see 19 representatives attend the meeting and their enthusiasm to continue the work of the existing CRC. As CRCs endeavour to bring together government, research, industry and academia; it was positive to see Queensland Government represented by research through Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries, and policy through Biosecurity Queensland. The process of undertaking the re-bid will require the input from many individuals and I look forward to discussing it with many of you over the next 12 months.

The CRC also made a big step forward in achieving its PhD goal with the Board approving the final and 40th project in May. We are now well on track to achieving the 32 completed PhDs which will provide the next generation of plant biosecurity expertise. Paul Royce, our PhD candidate undertaking research in community engagement in biosecurity practices is due to submit his thesis at the end of July. We wish him all the best as he finalises his research findings and look forward to reading about his research outcomes. Also a note of congratulations to Kym Lilford who recently completed her Honours project on ‘Genetic resistance in stored grain beetles'. Kym's thesis is the first student project to be completed in the new post-harvest grains area.

Before I close off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Darryl Hardie, our Surveillance Research Program Leader for his enthusiastic contribution to this program and other CRC activities. Darryl has been involved with the CRC from development of the original bid and today is officially his last day as Program Leader. On behalf of the CRC, I wish him the very best in his future career at DAFWA. Darryl will also remain involved with the CRC through his contribution to several projects.


Until next time...

Simon McKirdy Signature 

Dr Simon McKirdy
Chief Executive Officer
CRC for National Plant Biosecurity


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