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Savage D, Barbetti M, MacLeod W, Salamc M, Renton M .  2012.  Mobile traps are better than stationary traps for surveillance of airborne fungal spores. Crop Protection. Abstract
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Savage D, Barbetti M, MacLeod W, Salam M, Renton M .  2012.  Seasonal and diurnal patterns of spore release can significantly affect the proportion of spores expected to undergo long-distance dispersal. Microbial Ecology. Abstract
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Carrasco R, Cook D, Baker R, MacLeod A, Knight J, Mumford J .  2012.  Towards the integration of spread and economic impacts of biological invasions in a landscape of learning and imitating agents. Ecological Economics. :9. Abstract
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Savage D, Barbetti MJ, MacLeod WJ, Salam MU, Renton M .  2011.  Can mechanistically parameterised, anisotropic dispersal kernels provide a reliable estimate of wind-assisted dispersal?. Ecological Modelling . 222(10):11. Abstract
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Savage D, Barbetti MJ, MacLeod WJ, Salam MU, Renton M .  2010.  Timing of propagule release significantly alters the deposition area of resulting aerial dispersal. Diversity and Distributions: A Journal of Conservation Biogeography. 16 (2):288-299. Abstract
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Bayliss K, Jensen T, Zeller L, Wagner F, Walker R, MacLeod B, Vawdrey L, Kong G .  2008.  Using unmanned aerial vehicles to demostrate freedom from exotic plant pathogens. 9th International Congress of Plant Pathology. :98. Abstract
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Bayliss K, Zeller T, Keller L, Walker R, Macleod B, Vawdrey L, Kong G .  2007.  Enhancing surveillance with remotely controlled aircraft to demonstrate freedom from emergency plant pathogens. 16th Biennial Australasian Plant Pathology Society Conference. :p.178.
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