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Gonzalez F, Castro M, Narayan P, Walker R, Zeller L .  2011.  Development of an autonomous unmanned aerial system to collect time-stamped samples from the atmosphere and localize potential pathogen sources . Journal of Field Robotics. 28(6):961-976. Abstract
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Zeller L, Kamel P .  2011.  Development of a Smart Spore Trap. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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Gonzalez F, Narayan P, Walker R, Zeller L .  2011.  Performance Analysis of Flying Spores Detection System for Plant Biosecurity Management. Science Exchange 2011. Abstract
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Gonzalez LF, Narayan P, Walker RA, Zeller L, Ristovski Z .  2010.  Multidisciplinary Design and Flight Testing of a Remote Sensing Airborne Biosensor. In Global Bio-security 2010 Conference.
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Zeller L .  2009.  Engineering solutions for plant biosecurity. Abstract
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Bayliss K, Jensen T, Zeller L, Wagner F, Walker R, MacLeod B, Vawdrey L, Kong G .  2008.  Using unmanned aerial vehicles to demostrate freedom from exotic plant pathogens. 9th International Congress of Plant Pathology. :98. Abstract
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Bayliss K, Zeller T, Keller L, Walker R, Macleod B, Vawdrey L, Kong G .  2007.  Enhancing surveillance with remotely controlled aircraft to demonstrate freedom from emergency plant pathogens. 16th Biennial Australasian Plant Pathology Society Conference. :p.178.
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Zeller L .  2007.  Development of indexing spore trap for use with remotely controlled aircraft. CRC National Plant Biosecurity Science Exchange.
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